Helping Us With Faster Diagnostics Can Save You Money!

Please print out and complete a diagnostic questionnaire before you bring your vehicle to Crow River Auto & Truck Repair. This will help our certified technicians to diagnose your vehicle quickly and accurately.

For you to receive the quickest and the most efficient vehicle repair, we need your help!

You know your car, it’s performance changes, repair and maintenance history the best. Please provide us with all the information you have. The more our technicians know, the easier it is to diagnose and repair the problem.

If you have a specific problem, please fill out and bring with you the appropriate diagnostic forms in order to aid the repair. This will help us understand, in greater detail, the nature of your vehicle’s problem thereby speeding repairs and reducing costs.

Tips For Better Communication
  •  Note any changes in how your vehicle sounds, smells or handles.
  •  Have one of our technicians go for a road test with you in your vehicle, if possible.
  •  Pay attention to when problems occur. If engine was warm or cold, etc.
  •  Please don’t tell us what to fix. Tell us what symptoms you are experiencing so we can consider all possiblities and correctly diagnose the problem.
  •  Don’t be emberassed if you or someone else has worked on the car. Let us know what was done.
  •  Leave us a contact number where you will be on the day your vehicle is in the shop.